Advanced Administration Master Class

Course Outline


Starting Point- Kin claim accepted by Treasury-what next?

            Estate under £15,000-estate release via small waiver indemnity documents; brief outline of the process

            Estate over £15,000-estate release via Letters of Administration-


Applying for Letters of Administration: the process


            -Who applies; order of eligibility under intestacy

-Your appointment as administrator; completing a Power of Attorney; the     implications

-Application, tax forms, the interview, the oath; fee & relevant time-scale

-Variations from the norm.-estate funds still held by bank, building society, insurance or Pension Company

-Beneficiaries living abroad

-Family member insisting on applying themselves etc.


Applicable bank accounts- ‘executorship account’; designated client account (with      sub accounts)


Funds Released by the Treasury: completing the Administration


            Section 27 Ads-Why, What, How? Protocol, timescale, examples

Points to note before distribution-other possible assets?

                                                     -other possible liabilities?

                                                     -beneficiaries with bankruptcy or I.V.A.s

-What ifs- beneficiary wishes to disclaim entitlement;       beneficiary is a minor; beneficiary is of unsound mind


Dues Diligence - checking for other assets, using web site services and other possible avenues.


Distributing under intestacy- order of entitlement; practice exercise

-evidence of entitlement to show due diligence (documenting proof; 12 year statute barred-rules & implications)

-Missing Beneficiary Insurance-why, what how (types of cover; cost; how to apply; examples & contacts

Final Distribution Account-what may be charged to an estate?

-layout; what to include; calculating inheritance-examples & practice exercise

Final tax forms & ‘signing off’ the estate accounts


Final template letter & checklist